Future development costs

$300,000 to get through the design phase.
$400,000 to get through the prototype phase.

Potential profitability of the project

Gross profit (on sales 20,000 units) $1.586,000
Electricity value produced yearly $1,186,716

This brief presents Johnswalkerworldwide LLC, Sunflower Seating & Mark Walker’s patented (2018) utility design to capture solar energy from embedded thin film or PV solar cells in stadium seating, offering a major value addition for stadium owners. The plan also discusses improving the carbon footprint and sustainability initiatives of an industry that has so far created limited uses in these areas. This brief offers the design insights, production possibilities and budgets to make this plan a reality, laying out a pathway to the market. Creating electricity from solar energy and generating revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars using high quality solar PV cells seamlessly integrated into stadium seats is an application as yet unrealized in the enormous world of solar energy.